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A Developer in the ADempiere bazaar is a person who contributes code, documentation or other work that is of value to the community. Anyone can become a Developer by making contributions. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being involved in an open source community project.

Becoming a Developer

To gain write access to the SourceForge repositories, all a person has to do is ask one of the project admins found on the SourceForge ADempiere Develop page. There is no vote or process to follow. However, its best not to make the request one of the first things you do. Contribute first, then ask. If the admins recognize you from your activity on the forums and in the trackers, you will get a quick positive response.

Being a Developer with write access to the source code does not mean that you can immediately begin committing changes to the development branch. You must respect the Software Development Procedure. You can create your own repository for contributions and develop freely within that directory. In the main code repository, you will need permission before you can create a branch or start development on a new feature.

After you have proven yourself as a developer, you can ask to join the community as a citizen. Eventually, you can be given the status of Committer with access and responsibility for the main code repository.

Accessing the Code Repositories on SourceForge

To access the code, you will need to use mercurial and git and a few extentions. See the instructions in ADempiere Version Control.

Next, learn about the ADempiere repository structure. Visit the ADempiere site on SourceForge. Under tools, both SVN and Mercurial are listed but Mercurial is the active version control system in use since the summer of 2011.

Most of the work being performed on the code is performed in branches on the main repository "code". The Software Development Procedure describes the branching methods used.

Once you have local repositories setup, you can [Create your ADempiere development environment] and enjoy.

If you have any problems or questions, reach out on the Source Forge developer forums.